Standard Products

Captor Shop Floor Data Collection System

The right tool for the right job. That is still an axiom in the 21st century. Traditional workstations make sense in an office, but on the shop floor, they are simply wrong. When you consider their initial cost, their cost of setup and installation and the fact that they are unnecessarily large and confusing to use, there simply is no comparison. Our Captor terminals win hands down.

The key to successful shop floor control and automation is to reduce transactions to their simplest form, and to capture the information as soon as it happens, where it happens. That means you need a device that is designed for the shop floor, can be used by shop workers, and is reliable, day in and day out.

Our line of Captor terminals operate over an industrial strength backbone, with low voltage power and signal all encapsulated into a single, waterproof cable. The devices are easily Velcroed to poles or stands with no additional cabinet work or wiring required. You can place them close to where the action is without fear of failure or intrusion. They support bar code scanners, and digital I/O capabilities, including serial devices such as weight scale and temperature reading equipment.

The Captor Shop Floor Data Collection System can "Stand Alone" to provide critical daily reports, or be part of a much larger system. Qube ERP is one of the parent applications that we support. Call for details for other applications.

A suite of standard reports quickly tells you what items have passed through various workstations, and what items have been transacted out of sequence. Powerful interactive browsers further aid the user in understanding what is happening on the shop floor. Trips to the floor are costly, and a thing of the past with the Captor system at work. You can look up any sales order, and check it, line item by line item, and know exactly what the work history of the item is. The worker name, the work center name, and the time and date it was transacted is added to the notes field as a permanent history of the transaction

Inventory Control System
The Captor Shop Floor Data Collection System can be used to build inventory transactions Some applications require mobile devices. This is typically the case for Inventory control. Whether you need to walk the aisles or cruise them in your forklift, we have a solution. We have incorporated some fabulous portable RF terminal/scanner devices to Qube ERP. Our Worth Data Scanner, with it’s rubber boot has a four foot drop rating and can easily be operated with one hand.

All of these devices communicate to a centralized controller. Standard software allows them to record transactions directly into a transaction file, and optionally to the host database. All transactions are confirmed against the personnel data file, the sales order file, the item master file, and any other files as required, to assure accuracy.