Standard Products Tethered Terminals

The RF Terminal is a low cost, easy-to-use radio frequency handheld terminal for communication to the Mini Micro Connection Captor Program. Data scanned or keyed is immediately transmitted to the main program. The host database is utilized to confirm transactions or provide additional prompting information. The application sends data to the terminal screen telling the operator what next to do. It's instantaneous, it's accurate and it's portable!

Six line x 24 character display provides ample user feedback to assure fast and easy transactions. Unique power handshake scheme allows the device to be used for days without need to re-charge batteries.

When the need for keyboard and /or display is not necessary, this convenient to use scanner is a more cost effective solution. It has an exceptional scan distance and utilizes highly reliable CCD technology.

Smallest size in industry, Greatest Distance -- 500,000 sq. ft.

1-16 Terminals per Base Station. Base station connects to same dedicated workstation as tethered devices, and uses only one database license to support up to 16 protable terminals and 255 tethered devices.

Approved for unlicensed operation in USA and Canada

Uses standard AA rechargeable batteries

Optional Voice prompting available.

Support for the versatile Zebra Cameo & Encore Portable Printers .

The Fujitsu iPad is the latest in Blue Tooth and Windows CE Technology. Perfect when "Office Bees" need to take their applications to the shop floor or other locations in the facility. Built in scanner, slot reader and RF card make this device extremely price competitive with traditional Symbol Technologies solutions.

As good as it is, It is for "Office Bees". Shop workers consistently perform transactions more reliably and with less training using the character mode systems.

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