Captor Shop Floor Data Collection System
It starts with Setting up the Work Centers...

From the Utilities menu, you can elect to have this table automatically loaded from work centers stored in your ERP system.

Alternatively, you can key the values in from this window. The system has been designed to allow up 1,000 work centers to be reported.

Once the Work Center names, and their "Captor Display" equivalents are entered, a utility allows you to re-sequence the routing order by 10s or 20s.

The title of each column will sort the list either ascending (notice the ^ over the Routing Order) or descending, v). A print of the sorted list is displayed below.

Notice that some workstations have the same Captor ID. Two line terminals can have two stations displayed, four line terminals can have four workstations displayed. If only 1 workstation is assigned to the terminal, the terminal is assumed to belong to the workstation it is assigned, and no selection of workstation is required by the user.

Also notice you can associate each Work Center with a Program (basic logging, weighing, record values, control access, etc.) and a transaction type which is used by the ERP Application.