Captor Shop Floor Data Collection System
Powerful Browsers make review a snap...
As each transaction occurs, several things happen: First, the transaction is validated against the host ERP database, verifying user number, shift number, order number, item number, and other values as needed. Next a record of that transaction is stored in it's own file, separate from the host database. This allows easy maintenance of a file that grows quite large, quite quickly.

An option selection allows a comment to be appended to the sales order-line number notes field. This allows you to look up a sales order and immediately see a running history of the progress the order is making. Other options include automatically updating the inventory master or sales order with weight information. Other possibilities can easily be added.

Once a transaction has occurred, it is immediately available to be browsed. The list is first loaded by date range. Sorting options included both ascending and descending sorts on all columns, plus the ability to select a group within a group for sorting. Hiding either selected or not selected lines. Further enhances your ability to review thousands of transaction quickly and easily.

For example, you want to know all the work that Tony Nunez has done in a time window. Load the list for the time period. Sort the list by User Name. Highlight all of Tony's records and shift+click "Work Center." All of Tony's work is left now highlighted and sorted in work center order.

If you prefer, you could also have hidden all of the deselected transactions.

Double-Clicking on a line will pop up a window which displays the customers name and any variable data that might have been included in the transaction.

Selecting a line and going to the utilities menu, you can edit the individual transaction if needed. A convenient suite of reports based on the list as sorted is available, plus numerous standard reports.