Who We Are
The Mini Micro Connection draws from several professionals, each with over twenty years of experience in their field of excellence. Each individual is inspired by challenges and rewarded by being part of a job well done. As individuals, they are outstanding. Collectively, they provide solutions that are normally only available from much larger companies.

Rob DeLossa
Principal and Founder

BS Quantitative Analysis. Rob spent his first 15 years working in the Mini Computer Industry (Digital Equipment, Data General, HP and Prime, etc.)

When Micro computers made their debut, he was among the first to embrace the strengths of both the Mini Computer and the Micro Computer by seamlessly connecting them, hence the company name, the Mini Micro Connection.

Since it's inception, the Mini Micro Connection has designed numerous hardware interfaces for customers, ranging from security metal detectors to weight scales.

Most of Rob's experience is in the Manufacturing and Maintenance business sectors. He is particularly good at making complicated things simple. Over half of his users are what he calls worker bees instead of office bees.

Rick Mason
ERP Consultant

BS, Business Management, MBA Syracuse University, APICS CFPIM. Rick has over 20 years of manufacturing and system implementation experience and formal ERP Knowledge that he makes available to those customers seeking the highest levels of ERP training and Best Practices training. He has experience in all of Qube's modules and extensive knowledge in the production scheduling and related issues.

Sandra Ross
Office Manager and Trainer

BS Business. Sandra runs the firm using the software that we sell. She is available for on site training of customers, typically in a one on one environment.

She has excellent people skills, organizational skills and computer skills.

Michael D. D. England
Principal and chief engineer

Michael was snatched from college by Mad Man Muntz, where he worked as the protege of Andy Becht. Together, they introduced many firsts into the Car Audio industry, including the first graphic equalizer and the first booster amplifiers (Manufactured and sold under the Clarion name). Throughout his career, Mike has been the engineering backbone for numerous electronics driven companies.

Mike's unique blend of assembly language programing skills and micro processor level circuit design allow him to often see practical solutions to problems that most people instantly rule out because they lack the broad technology base Mike possesses.

Mike is regularly contracted to solve the problems at which others have failed. He even wrote high level conversion programs for one of the major accounting software companies that they believed couldn't be done.

Kent Greene
President, Qube Software

BS, MBA. Kent is the founder and chief architect of Qube ERP, the cornerstone product that the Mini Micro Connection has chosen to use in it's product base.

Kent consults with the Mini Micro Connection prior to any major project to assure that the project meets referential integrity standards as well as user interface and code portability standards. This close relationship has allowed our customers to always benefit from the latest offerings by Qube, while not sacrificing the benefits of their custom modules.