What We Do
At some point in a company's growth, the owner comes to the conclusion that, despite their investments into computers, their jobs are not getting easier, and the control of their company is not getting better.

They may have an accounting system that aging, or one that simply can't cut it anymore. Or they may be augmenting everything they do with spread sheets.

They are never really satisfied that their computers are doing all they should, but they don't know what the right next move should be.

That's where we come in.

Our Approach

We make the assumption that you already know how to run your business, otherwise you wouldn't be there in the first place. So rather than coming in a telling you how you should do things, we listen to why you do things and see if we can't help make those things easier, faster, more reliable, and affordable.

Our philosophy that it is easier to change software than it is to change people and business practices. By starting out with an exceptionally complete ERP solution that embraces customizations, we can offer as much or as little custom software as you need, often at a price point that is well below boxed software that forces you to change your way of doing things.

We are not a People Soft, or a SAP, or a JD Edwards or Oracle or Microsoft. We are a company that makes sense for the small manufacturer. We are not a company committed to penetrating the small business markets with products that were born from monster products. All of our products were conceived in the micro computer market.

We believe that software should be a corporate asset, and that it should do the job day in and day out, and it should do it well. Anything less, and your software is a liability, keeping your from growing to your maximum potential. Let us show you how to change your software liabilities to assets.

Thursday, October 28, 2004