Custom Enhancements for French Rags
Four Custom Windows make all the difference...
To meet the goal of bringing all aspects of their business into a single, unified system, it was necessary to create four additional tables in Qube ERP. The tables are maintained with the new custom windows pictured here. Each window has the same control and is opened in the same way as any other window in Qube ERP. When new versions of Qube ERP are shipped to the customer, these enhancements are included.
The Sew Specifications (above) details all the critical dimensions that each garment requires. When the manufacturing ticket is printed, the drawings, complete with the dimensions for the size ordered, are printed. Any special notes related to sewing the garment are included in this table.

The Knit Specification (below) defines the machine setup details. When the manufacturing order is printed, the settings and thread number assignments are included.

The Color Combinations that the are available for any given knitted fabric are specified in the Color Combo window. The thread assignments that are required in the knitting specification are joined with the color combinations and printed on the manufacturing ticket.

The last window maintains the drawing. The drawings shown in the specification window are actually stored in the picture file. This significantly reduces both storage requirements and allows the windows to go forward and backward by record very quickly.