Custom Enhancements for French Rags
First a little background...

French Rags was started by Brenda French in 1982 with a simple concept in mind: Wardrobing for the working girl that makes sense. Each garment she makes is knitted to the exact color, style and size of the customer. Dye lot information is tracked so that if a customer wishes to add another garment to their collection, it will match perfectly.

Today, Brenda's knit wear is can routinely be seen on woman executives throughout America. Hillary Clinton's Cover photo in Time Magazine sports one of Brenda's outfits.

Over the years, numerous systems had been implemented to help track the complicated task of making custom knitware. The systems were numerous, with none doing all the work. The time it took from receiving an order to being able to schedule it for production was about 7 days. The actual fabrication of the garment would be another 7-21 days, making the total time to deliver, over a month.

The process was mostly manual, with the copying machine running nearly all the time. The work orders issued to the floor were often confusing and costly errors were not uncommon.

When French Rags started investigating ERP solutions, the base price for an appropriate ERP was well over $200,000. That price did not include installation and training, or any custom features to deal with their particular needs as a knitware manufacturer.

The Mini Micro Connection proposed Qube ERP plus four very custom windows to transform an excellent generic ERP into a perfect fit for French Rags. The result is that orders are scheduled the same day they are received, and a massive reduction in floor space and copier requirements. Accuracy and better tracking was also achieved.

Take a look at the Custom Windows that the Mini Micro Connection added.