Mighty Ducks Player Scouting System
Don't leave home without them...

When millions of dollars are being paid for draft picks, you want to know as much as you can about all the candidates as possible. Each year, the Mighty Ducks print out a complete suite of reports that give them comprehensive information about the players and the teams they compete with.

The Ranking Reports are available in a variety of sorts: By NHL Team, By Division, By Position, By Scout, and By Ownership Status (owned or not owned). This report is being run with a small database, so the number of total entries is lower than what you would see at the end of a scouting season. Notice that the reports includes a column titled "Entries/Scouts." This tells the reviewer how many total reports went into the calculations and how many different scouts were reporting. As the year wears on, the scouts zero in a handful of players and the accuracy of the report goes up.

When you have your top picks lined up, you can print individual reports. This report provides the backup detail that was used in the ranking report. Notice it provides who scouted the player and the number of times. The current algorithm for calculating the average scores takes the average of each scout's evalauations and then competes a new average. Subjective information is also printed