Mighty Ducks Player Scouting System
Each Window Designed for the Worker Bee...
Designed to be run on an individual's laptop computer, the Player Scouting System was two systems in one. The password would determine if you were going to use the "Pro" or the "Amature" versions of the system. Combining the two systems into one greatly reduced the system maintenance and application development time.
Once logged in, the Scouting report Entry screen appeared. Completely context sensitive, each drop list, starting on the left created a new drop list for the one to it's right. Even the subjects for grading is context sensitive to the position being reported. Other user friendly features include the ability to enter a partial name and see all players that begin with the same letters to eliminate misspelling of names.

The Player's Strengths, Weaknesses and Comments allowed subjective information to be captured, while the remaining information (Style, Quality, 3 year projection and major strengths) were geared for consistency among scouts. In the Sample Reports page, you can see how these categories get reported, and how easily management can spot the hottest prospects.

When a player became "interesting" more information was captured about the player in the Player Information and associated windows.

Not only did the scouts report information about individual players, but teams as well. The Game Information section allowed the scouts to easily send data back to management where it could be reviewed in a systematic and consistent manner. You could see how scoring occurred in each game and the line that was most threatening. This allowed the coaching staff to create lines that were most competitive with their opponents.

Perhaps the most important information that the system tracked was known as the "Depth Charts." Any time in the league, at any division level could be reported on allowing you to know your opponents strengths and weaknesses. This information is extremely valuable during the draft. You may draft a player with the intention of trading him to an opponent if you are strong in an area that he is weak in.