Mighty Ducks Player Scouting System
First a little background...
It was early 1993 and the franchise was just being formed. Pierre Gautier was hired as head scout. Having come from another NHL Team, and being accustomed to having a computer to assist him, he made his request to Disneyland Information Systems to have a Scouting System written for him.

He knew what he wanted...Information. Getting that information from his team of professional scouts in a timely manner was another question altogether. Even though Pierre was quite computer literate, the scouts were all newbies.

Disneyland IS decided that the scouts would be better off using Macintosh Laptop Computers rather than Windows 95. With ease of use in mind, the search for a developer that had experience writing systems for "worker bees" as oposed to "office bees" commenced. The Mini Micro Connection's success at the LAX Hangar Operations for Federal Express gave the Director at Disneyland IS confidence that we were capable of delivering "worker bee friendly applications."

With strict instructions to "Program for the Puck" we were able to meet and exceed all of Pierre's reporting needs, while at the same time, not loose a single scout or scouting report.

The scouts filled out report cards on the games and players they observed using their laptop computers. On a weekly basis, the scouts would connect to a telephone line and upload their reports and download the previous weeks collective reports. The data was completely synchronized and all the scouts had the same information. Security was controlled though login access privileges.