Custom Enhancements for Bryant Racing
First a little background...
Sonny Bryant transformed his father's modest machine shop to one of the top racing crankshaft manufacturers in America. His Customers are the who's who of the racing world. You will find Brayant Racing cranckshsafts in everything from Formula One to Winston Cup classes.

Bryant Racing has over 15,000 square feet of manufacturing space and is completely vertically integrated: Raw Steel comes in, and the highest quality crankshafts available go out. HIs equipment includes heat treating furnaces, multiple 5 axis CNC mills, multiple CNC lathes, precision laser inspection stands, ballancing and nitrating facilities.

Hundreds of Custom Precision Crankshafts are on the floor at any given time. At first glance, they all look the same, but closer inspection reveals that practically every crankshaft is different
Sonny's biggest challange was keeping track of what was happening on the shop floor.

Sonny's initial goal was to come up with a better spread sheet than what he was using. Something that wasn't fragile, and that could handle the growth he anticipated. His starting point: Quick Books, a small custom program, and a very very large spread sheet.

Today, Sonny has complete knowledge of the shop floor. Captor Terminals like the one shown at the left were installed and over 32 work centers log crankshafts. Every part is accounted for at every stage of manufacturing. Nothing gets lost. Nothing gets out of sequence (well hardly ever...)