Custom Enhancements for Bryant Racing
A Few Custom Windows make all the difference...
Using spread sheets was familiar to Sonny and it made sense to create a window that acted in some ways like a spread sheet. The biggest differences were: 1. The window is much faster to move around in than a spread sheet. 2. The window is not any where as fragile as a spread sheet. 3. Powerful features are built in that couldn't be done using a spread sheet. Tedious repetitive functions have been greatly streamlined, and drilling down to the actual order is as easy as double-clicking a line. Over 2000 lines are routinely manipulated.

Bryant serializes every crankshaft they make. This serial number is assigned by Sonny along with a group number using the window below. The only paperwork on the shop floor is a "Machine Schedule" at each work center. The schedule provides the correct NC program information to be used when a specific crankshaft serial number appears. The schedules are printed directly from this window. No paper flows through the shop with the cranks. It is a truly "paperless" operation.

The normal Qube Item master handled things quite well, but the browser left out some features that really aid in dealing with the complex products Bryant makes.