FedEx Aircraft Maintenance Management System
They did their own thing and it worked...sort of
By 1992, the Los Angeles Hangar Operations Division of Federal Express had installed a small network of Macintosh computers, and had embarked on writing an Aircraft Fleet Maintenance Management System. David Slonim was their Director at the time. The good news was that he had a pretty good idea of what they needed. When the project out paced their own in-house resources, he called the Mini Micro Connection.

A re-write of their efforts was in order so that the information they wanted to get could be obtained. The goal was to make a system that "Worker Bees" could use. It had to be accurate (FAA has many requirements) and reliable. Keeping a 747 parked in the hangar for an extra day is REAL expensive....

The system scheduled routine maintenance, and tracked unscheduled "SQUAWKS." Complete work scopes were printed and issued to individual workers. The Hangar Maintenance Operations runs 24/7, and tracking work between all shifts was essential.

The system could identify who had what work assigned to them, and the status of the work. It prioritized the work to minimize redundant efforts. It was driven by a bar code interface which allowed the dispatcher to quickly assign and track all the work being performed.

Read David's testimonial. It says it all.