Disneyland Computerized Maintenance Management Proof of Concept
Each Window Designed for the Worker Bee...
Facility Mickey is the Facilities and Engineering Division's mascot, and a fitting place to start. The way you log in determines what you will see have access to.
Once logged in, main window appears with your default land and attraction displayed. The process of creating a Shop Work Request was a simple matter of dropping the lists in successive order. Each list built the successors elements. New elements could be added on the fly. By employing the standardized construction elements plus 2 that were unique to Disneyland, any crafts person could correctly identify a new asset for inclusion into the system.

By creating a friendly but consistent method of identifying assets, it is possible to build the assets on the fly, which significantly reduces the effort to initialize the entire park before beginning to use the system. Equally important is the fact that before a new Shop Work Request is entered into the system, a list of outstanding SWRs for the same item can be displayed to the requestor. If the work is the same, a second request is not required. The list below can be built based on Requestor, Craft, Attraction, Date Range or Status. As part of a Total Quality Measurement process, only the requestor is authorized to remove an SWR once it has been completed. A simple form is displayed and summary TQM reports are generated from them.
The work request process employs several A.I. Techniques to make the task go very quickly. When an attraction goes down, the ride operators are under significant pressure. An automated system for entering and clearing downtime information was also included.