Our most recent success story. One of the nations top provider of condiments for the ice cream and candy industry, Pecan Deluxe has 3 huge warehouses including a cold storage room big enough to drive a fork lift around in.

Their problem was 7 men were constantly driving fork lifts, filling orders and storing things. Their existing pallet tracking system was bound to a conventional PC workstation, which was fine for the operator in the cab one of their automated pickers. But the guys on the fork lifts had to keep manual track of all the movements that they did. That information was then batch updated to the main computer system. Not only was this an extra step, often double and tripple moves would occur which became very difficult to track.

The solution? Portable RF Scanners for each operator. Ruggedized for the Industrial Environment, these device are lightweight, have a 3' drop specification, and are reasonably priced. The basic Captor program was enhanced to provide not only pallet tracking transactions, but also the ability to enter an item code and see all of the rack locations and pallets the item is on. Full lot and batch tracking for pallet adds and removes is supported. Average time to train a fork lift driver: Less than 15 minutes!

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